About Me

My name is Andy Shank, the founder and driving force behind this venture, driven by a lifelong commitment to fostering innovation and self-expression. Shank Supply Co., is where my creativity, craftsmanship and passion for the arts converge.

Rooted in the vibrant worlds of skateboarding and graffiti culture during my formative years, I recognized the transformative power of creativity early on. Eager to forge my own path, I launched Fatkap Clothing in the late 90’s—a graffiti-inspired clothing line that resonated with the rebellious spirit of graffiti, skateboarding, and music countercultures. Though Fatkap had a finite existence, it remains a cherished chapter in my journey.

Academically equipped with a BFA from Tyler School of Art and a Masters in Education from Cabrini College, I immersed myself in teaching art. The joy of building relationships and igniting kids enthusiasm for artistic expression fueled my professional endeavors. Throughout, problem-solving, creative self-expression, and a resolute “I can do that” attitude have been intrinsic to my work.

While navigating the realms of family and art education, I sensed a void—an unmet need for a creative outlet and the challenge of entrepreneurship. As an art teacher donning an apron daily, I found myself yearning for one that seamlessly combined form and function. Drawing on my sewing expertise, I crafted my own apron. The positive response and inquiries from others marked the genesis of Shank Supply Co.

As a sole proprietor, I wear many hats in steering this enterprise. I am meticulous about ensuring that each product, especially our signature aprons, is imbued with care, attention to detail, and crafted from quality materials. My journey involves a deliberate, measured approach to growth, prioritizing the integrity of the product above all.

My aspiration for Shank Supply Co. extends beyond commerce; it is about contributing to and thriving within the creative industries. I envision our brand becoming a hallmark, a name synonymous with quality and innovation. Ultimately, I aim to give back to the communities that have shaped and inspired me.

Join me on this creative journey, as we redefine innovation and strive to become a trusted name among the creative industries. Together, let’s build something meaningful and give back to the communities that have inspired us.

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